House of Heroes – Colors

Many years ago I had a co-worker, who used to be a drug addict, explain that the first time you get high on cocaine is other worldly. It’s great. But every time after that first time is a letdown and you keep chasing and chasing that initial high, only to never get it again.

6 years ago House of Heroes released Suburba and I became an instant fan. I dove in to the band’s back catalog and have waited for each new release. But I still feel like I’ve been chasing the high I got from hearing Suburba for the time. (See, my crazy drug story had a point)

To use a tired cliché, Colors is a raucous rock & roll record. Yes, that’s lazy ass writing on my part. But it fits the record. And honestly, I’ve struggled to find words to adequately describe Colors. Because let’s be honest, it would be much easier to write a review of Colors if I wasn’t a fan of House of Heroes. But a personal connection and expectation colors (no pun intended) the way you view and listen to music. And when I try to step back and detach my personal expectations, I find a really great rock & roll record.

Which leads me to say, Colors does not feed my personal House of Heroes high. But it comes close. (What is it missing? A Song like God Save Us The Foolish Kings)

House of Heroes give us a big bombastic anthem to kick off Colors. Colors Run is a mid-tempo jam that feels both part ballad and part arena rock song. It’s a great “classic” rock type song. Rat is one of those punk infused songs that House of Heroes always seems to deliver with ease.

On a number of tracks is feels like House of Heroes was going for a huge sound. The riffs and drums on Pioneer, Feel, and Matador all hit on the same note and feel over compressed to create this enormous wall of sound. Even the bridges of God and Crash, relatively low-key songs, the wall of sound makes an appearance. House of Heroes pulls it off and scatters it throughout the record so it doesn’t feel like you’re being beaten over the head by a giant wall of guitars.

We Make Our Stars is a beautiful little ballad. In The End, Shots Fired, and Get Away are about as stripped down as I can ever remember hearing House of Heroes get. The band lulls you into thinking they’re closing he record on the lighter side before the four on the floor of Colors Die Out hit. Colors Die Out is another one of those classic rock anthems. They bookend the record nicely and if you ask me both the album’s opener and closer are the highlights of the record.

There’s a lot I like about Colors. It’s an enjoyable listen, when you’re just listening. When I got critical it seemed to not have the same punch as it did when I just put the record on in my car and drove around jamming to it. So take that for what you will. And even though it doesn’t fulfill this musical need I have from House of Heroes, it’s still a great record. 4.5 our 5 Stars.

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