Free Music Friday: Heavenfaced – To Keep You Safe

There’s something about Heavenfaced that reminds me of Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary and I’m having a little trouble putting my finger on it. Perhaps it’s the raw emotion coming through the vocals that are pushed to the point of breaking. Maybe’s it’s the roots of emo and that hard and punk influence is felt deep in the veins of bands influenced by a genre but that don’t sound a like. It’s the glue that holds the emo genre together, however diverse the sound of it’s bands. At moments you hear bits that sound like Thrice or Mineral or Brand New or Braid. More importantly, like SDRE, when I first gave To Keep You Safe a listen, I instantly feel in love!

You can name your own price for To Keep You Safe at

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One response to “Free Music Friday: Heavenfaced – To Keep You Safe

  1. Yo, I sing for Heavenfaced and this is definitely the coolest thing written about us so far. Thanks so much. I essentially worship all of those bands and to be included in a sentence with them is sick haha. Cheers.

    Zach and Heavenfaced


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