Free Music Friday: Southworth – Wilt

Sometimes I think Nirvana’s influence goes unnoticed and under appreciated. Sure, we all love Nevermind and hold the Nirvana up as one of the most important bands in rock history. But I think their influence in heard in subtle ways that we don’t even recognize.

Take Tacoma, Washington’s Southworth. On first listen the band reminds me of some post-hardcore/emo heavyweights (Thrice, Thursday, Cave-In). And while I might even call the band grunge, when I think of that word I think of that sound that Alice in Chains, STP and Pearl Jam perfected. But the way the Southworth does the quiet/loud dynamic reminds me of Nirvana. And there’s something about that punk atheistic that comes through in the music that’s undefinable but you know it and how it connects bands when you hear it. Again, it’s a subtle reminder, but if you listen for it’s there.

You can name your own price and decide it Southworth’s new ep Wilt reminds you of Nirvana at

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