Free Music Friday: Rue/Weller – Split

A great split ep presents bands of similar genre or sound with each band offering their own perspective or take on a genre. You don’t want two bands that sound exactly the same. That is what makes the new split ep featuring Philadelphia’s Weller and Pittsburgh’s Rue so great. Both bands present a certain “lo-fi” indie rock sound and sonically it makes sense that both bands share this ep. But that’s where their similarities end.

Weller’s 3 tracks are pure indie pop. Bouncy rock and roll who’s inspiration can be traced to everyone from Braid to the Clash, to even a band like Wilco. It’s music that sounds familiar and is instantly disarming and enjoyable. Contrast that with the all female Rue. The Emperor opens their side of the split with a much darker sound that reminds me of Cat Power and Cayetana. Rue doesn’t stay as dark throughout all 3 of their songs on the split. It Could Be You is an upbeat little ditty, and Reversed splits the difference. All 6 songs are delightful.

You can name your price for the split ep at or and if you like it and want to support the bands you can pick up a cassette version via Honest Face Records at

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