Household/Infinite Me – Split

Somewhere between Thursday, Hopesfall, Strongarm, Shai Hulud, and the like, you find Household. The band has been shifting their sound slowly and that shift continues onto their new split with Infinite Me. Time Spent saw the band shift away from the melodic hardcore sound of their debut to a more post-hardcore/Thursday style sound. The band has always encompassed the hardcore/punk roots of emo, so it makes their further shift in sound for this split ep unsurprising. We’ll see if it’s just for this ep or if it’s a long term change in direction for the band. The 3 tracks that encompass the first half of the split, Distant Truth 1,2, & 3, play as one long song. Vocal issues for vocalist Josh Gilbert have transitioned the band away from screaming, but in my opinion his singing voice is even better than his screaming voice. You can hear the band’s raw hardcore roots in the music of Distant Truth Pt 1, which was never fully “hardcore” anyway. The band taps into that DC hardcore/punk vein that keeps on giving. When the music breaks and Gilbert sings “I found this out too late for love” you hear a glimpse of Underoath. The band hasn’t lost their edge. Although the progression of the song/3 tracks softens with each change. Pt 2 still chugs along but takes a more punk/emo turn. Pt 3 finds the band shifting into a groove inspired indie rock sound. And yet even in that vein, the riff still reminds me of the band’s hardcore roots. While vocals have shifted, musically Household taps into the same sound that has guided them since With Or Without.

Because of the sonic shifts, you almost don’t notice when Infinite Me’s side of the split kicks in. Sharing a home of state of Minnesota with Household, the emo/grunge act compliments Household perfectly on this split. I might even say their half of the split outshines Household. The quiet/loud component of Infinite Me’s music is some weird combination of Dinosaur Jr, Failure, and early Sunny Day Real Estate. It might be a tough combo to wrap your head around but sonically it makes sense when you hear the fuzzed out guitars of Rot With Me or the driving bass of Follow You. Infinite Me is the definition of emo but they clearly wear their other influences on their sleeve. The 3 songs on this split made me hit up the band’s Bandcamp page and download their back catalog. This is your new favorite band.

A new sound for an old favorite and a new band to fall in love with. This Household/Infinite Me split is perfect! 5 out of 5 Stars.

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