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Free Music Friday: Vena Amoris – Lucidity

For fans of Deftones, Thrice, Hopesfall. That description on Vena Amoris’ Bandcamp page was a pretty quick hook for me. I instantly downloaded the record. The first song on the band’s new ep, Lucidity, is titled Eros, I assume it’s a shoutout to the Deftone’s album that may or may never see the light of day. Eros kicks in and sounds like it would’ve fit on any of the Deftones last couple of records. Heavy drums with a super spacey guitar and verbed out vocals. It is near perfect in it’s Deftones worship. The sound stays the same but veers from Deftones on the albums second track, Silver. Silver reminds me a ton of Magnetic North era Hopesfall (which I love!). The band never goes metal over the 4 songs but clearly operates in the realm of atmospheric hard rock.

You can name your own price for Lucidity at


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