Free Music Friday: Baggage – The Good That Never Comes

Part of the draw to punk and hardcore is the community. A place where you could freely share you beliefs and engage is politics and activism and make a difference in your community. I loved going to shows at VFW halls where a canned food got you a lower “ticket” price. It was a small way to give back to the community. With that in mind, enter Michigan emo outfit Baggage. The Flint based band has released a new ep called The Good That Never Comes. This release is a pay what you want download and ALL of the money from this month is going directly into getting toiletries for Flint Water Crisis victims. At the end of the month they’ll be taking the money and shopping for the most cost effective way to fill a van with goods and dropping it off to the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint where they have a donation station for residents. The money won’t be going to some organization that has millions of dollars saved up, this is going directly to a cause where they know it will be taken care of. On top of supporting a great cause, the 3 songs on this ep are excellent! You’ll be seeing this ep on my best of the year list for sure!

You can name your own price for The Good That Never Comes at and I highly recommend paying at least a dollar or two for this record and giving back!

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