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Aaron Sprinkle – Water & Guns

Poor Old Lu, Rose Blossom Punch, Fair, and his solo material. Everything Aaron Sprinkle is involved with is alternative/pop gold. Even on the production/engineering side, bands like Anberlin, Demon Hunter, Mxpx, Emery, and countless others, trust Sprinkle to deliver.

Sprinkle’s latest effort might be his grandest and greatest work yet.

Sprinkle lets his pop sensibilities shine on Water & Guns. Gone are the acoustic singer song-writer efforts of his previous solo work. And it’s not a rock tinged project. It’s even a departure from Fair, Spinkle’s poppiest work before Water & Guns.

It’s obvious as soon as Heatstroke kicks in that this record is something special and fun. The synth line moves fluidly and Sprinkle’s comforting voice draws you in. Can’t Last Forever is a power pop song with a hook that knocks you down. Later On has all the makings of a great ballad. Turn Around is an updated version of Sprinkle’s previous acoustic work. I’ve Missed You is a beautifully complex pop song that borders heartbreaking ballad and upbeat love song. Washboard Road follows that, and it’s the most simplistic track on Water & Guns. But that simplicity helps the track and gives you a sense of closure.

Water & Guns feels like the pop album Relient K wanted to make. But Sprinkle’s experience shines and his years of crafting beautiful songs and production techniques help him pull of a beautiful pop record. The melodies are strong and while every hook isn’t the catchiest chorus you’ve every hear, there’s no denying Sprinkle’s talent.

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