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Abandoned Pools – Somnambulist

It feels like Abandoned Pools just released Sublime Currency, but it’s been over ¬†a year since the album’s release and a lot longer since the band actually finished the record. I loved Sublime Currency and the new electronic elements. But I’ve always been a fan of Abandoned Pools and their sound.

Leaving Tooth and Nail behind, Somnambulist incorporates a lot of the electronic of Sublime Currency, while digging a little deeper into their indie rock roots.

Focus has a quirky drum machine, that feels offbeat with the melody, while a symphonic electronic background plays. The melody and music are beautiful and while the drum machine feels weird at first, it quickly gets lost in the beauty of the song. Occupy chimes in more lovely than Focus, without the weird out of rhythm drums. Tommy Walter’s fantastic falsetto voice carries it’s way through the chorus. If Only has an explosive rock quality without losing any beauty. Arms Race is the most old school sounding sound, for fans who miss the sound from the band’s first two records. Walking Disaster, despite it’s name, sounds like a beautiful walk through a park with Mary Poppins.

Somnambulist is full of beautiful melodies and sweeping soundscapes. Each song as beautiful and¬†enrapturing as the one before it. Somnambulist might not be as grand as Sublime Currency but it makes up for that in sheer beauty. This is some of the band’s best work yet. I only there’s more where this came from.

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