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Free Music Friday: Crash of Rhinos – Knots

Instead of working on this post, I spent the last two evenings reading. So instead of giving you a new band and new album to check out (sorry Groundhog Day. You’ll shine next week!) I’m giving you one of my favorite bands/albums of the last 5 years.

The Derby, Uk band, along with My Heart To Joy, were my introduction to Topshelf Records and more importantly, the emo revival. In a lot of ways, Crash of Rhinos reminds me of Braid and Texas is the Reason, with the band throwing in some Mineral and American Football style twinkle on the second half of the album.

You can download Knots (and the band’s 2011 record Dista) at https://crashofrhinos.bandcamp.com/

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Free Music Friday: I, The Mountain – Saga

I can never tell how I’m going to feel when I dive into a metalcore record. Variation is limited and while I enjoy the genre, I’m never sure if a record is going to connect. The Derbyshire band, I, The Mountain, has delivered a hard hitting, technical, and interesting record. They site Architects, In Hearts Wake, Bury Tomorrow, and While She Sleeps among their influences. What really caught my attention was the lyrical content. There seems to be a theme and story running through the tracks that reminds of stories of the Scandinavian nations converting people to Christianity by force. It’s got an old viking tale running through it. Which makes sense since the record is called Saga. It’s definitely a record to listen to while reading the lyrics.

You can name your own price for Saga at https://ithemountainuk.bandcamp.com/album/saga

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Scrunchies Premiere Stunner

Minneapolis punk band Scrunchies will release their new record, Stunner, on June 1st with cassettes from Forged Artifacts. Today the band premiered the title track from that record. You can hear Stunner below and pre-order the album at https://scrunchies.bandcamp.com/album/stunner

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The Meltdown 3.99

The Meltdown – The Meltdown 3.99

This week I have new music from Queen Of Jeans, I Me Mine, Lawn, Camp Cope and tons more!

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Favorite EP’s/7″‘s from 2017

There was a TON of great music in 2017. I personally listened to 168 new release this year. And I had 70 records competing for my Top 30 favorite albums. So this year, for the first time, I have a separate list just for EP’s and 7″ records.

Honorable Mentions:
Petal – Comfort
Strengthen What Remains – 2017 Promo
Teen Divorce – Almost Heaven
Zao – Pyrrhic Victory
Household/Infinite Me – Split

15. Colder Planets – Sad Nature

Sad Nature is 3 songs of Rainer Maria inspired twinkly slow jams. https://colderplanets.bandcamp.com/album/sad-nature

14. The East – Lipstick & Moonshine

The two songs from Italian emo outfit The East are soaring anthems that excite me for more music from the group. https://bethshalomrecords.bandcamp.com/album/lipstick-moonshine

13. Blind Lion – Spring

Spring was the third ep from Blind Lion in their seasons series (Bummed we never got the Summer ep) and it was easily the best of the series. https://blindlion.bandcamp.com/

12. No Vacation – Intermission

California surf rock meets dream pop. https://novacationgrrl.bandcamp.com/album/intermission

11. Madison Minor – The Not So Evil Robot

The second of three ep’s released by Australia’s Madison Minor is full of upbeat, 2000’s style emocore. RIYL Hawthorne Heights https://boyonastringmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-not-so-evil-robot-ep

10. Lightcliffe – Mistakes I Seem to Make

London’s Lightcliffe released 2 songs earlier this year that remind of American Football, if American Football was a straight forward rock band. https://lightcliffe.bandcamp.com/

9. Hands – New Heaven/New Earth

It’s nice to see Shane Ochsner go a little heavier this time around. And it’s nice to have another Hand’s 7″.

8. Expert Timing – Selective Hearing

Expert Timing falls somewhere between power pop and emo. The songs are hook driven pop gems! https://experttiming.bandcamp.com/album/selective-hearing

7. Dear Seattle – Dear Seattle

Hook driven rock that sounds like Nirvana inspired emo. https://dearseattle.bandcamp.com/

6. Better Than Mending – Treatments

One of two ep’s released by UK post hardcore band Better Than Mending. This is the more melodic of the two records. Both are worth your time! https://betterthanmending.bandcamp.com/album/treatments

5. For Everest/Carb On Carb – Split

For Everest follows up last year’s brilliant We Are At Home In The Body with two fantastic songs on this split. They teamed up with New Zealand’s Carb on Carb. https://foreverest.bandcamp.com/

4. Citysick – Thanks For Trying

Thanks For Trying came out in January and remained one of my favorite ep’s throughout the year. https://citysickca.bandcamp.com/album/thanks-for-trying

3. Old State – Weight

Old State is carrying the torch of bands like Thursday and Thrice. Beautiful quiet, introspective moments that explode into full-throated screaming emotion. https://oldstate.bandcamp.com/

2. Glacier Veins – Dreamspace

Glacier Veins was my love at first listen band last year. An artist not to miss. They had to albums on my favorite releases list. This year they signed with Common Ground Records and released a fantastic ep called Dreamspace. This band has yet to disappoint me. https://commongroundrecords.bandcamp.com/album/dreamspace

1. Baggage – The Good That Never Comes

A band from Michigan writing about how Flint has been left for dead and donating all the proceeds of that album to get clean water to citizens in Flint. Oh, and the songs will blow you away. Baggage just opened for Jimmy Eat World! This ep is incredible and blew me away instantly. https://baggageband.bandcamp.com/

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Free Music Friday: Baggage – The Good That Never Comes

Part of the draw to punk and hardcore is the community. A place where you could freely share you beliefs and engage is politics and activism and make a difference in your community. I loved going to shows at VFW halls where a canned food got you a lower “ticket” price. It was a small way to give back to the community. With that in mind, enter Michigan emo outfit Baggage. The Flint based band has released a new ep called The Good That Never Comes. This release is a pay what you want download and ALL of the money from this month is going directly into getting toiletries for Flint Water Crisis victims. At the end of the month they’ll be taking the money and shopping for the most cost effective way to fill a van with goods and dropping it off to the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint where they have a donation station for residents. The money won’t be going to some organization that has millions of dollars saved up, this is going directly to a cause where they know it will be taken care of. On top of supporting a great cause, the 3 songs on this ep are excellent! You’ll be seeing this ep on my best of the year list for sure!

You can name your own price for The Good That Never Comes at https://baggageband.bandcamp.com/ and I highly recommend paying at least a dollar or two for this record and giving back!

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Free Music Friday: Pray To Keep – Self-titled EP

Imagine a project that features members of Deftones, Brand New, and Taking Back Sunday. That might give you a rough estimate of what Philadelphia’s Pray To Keep sounds like. The band recorded their debut ep with former Taking Back Sunday guitarist Fred Mascherino and he appears on the song Bitter Half. The band is almost clearly recognizably influenced by emo without falling into the emo revival genre completely. The band could almost fit among the radio hard rock ranks. Only, you know, enjoyable.

You can name your own price for the band’s self-titled ep at https://praytokeep.bandcamp.com/

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Free Music Friday: Blind Lion – Spring

Blind Lion is a band I’ve been a fan of for a while now. The Bridgewater, NJ outfit’s brand of emo simultaneously resembles each era of the genre seamlessly. Spring is the band’s third ep in what is a season based series of ep’s. (I expect Summer to be out in a month or two)

Spring gives us some of Blind Lions most aggressive songs yet. While Winter featured some upbeat numbers, songs like Odd and Grow showcase a different side of Blind Lion. I think Odd is the best song the band has written.Spring is also the most dynamic ep yet. For fans of American Football, Brand New,Cross My Heart, and Mineral. You can name your own price for Spring, and pick up Winter and Autumn, at https://blindlion.bandcamp.com/

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Free Music Friday: Grieving

Yesterday Washed Uo Emo had the premiere of Cambridge, UK emo outfit Grieving’s new single, “Brian Emo.” Washed Up Emo described the band as “for fans of Sunny Day Real Estate, Braid and Jawbreaker.” Sounds like a winner to me. Shortly after Washed Up Emo posted the song, the band uploaded the track to Bandcamp. In addition to that song, Grieving has a bunch of ep’s available on their Bandcamp page that you can name your own price for. I picked them all up yesterday and they have been the perfect Friday soundtrack.

You can snag Grieving’s discography at https://grievingband.bandcamp.com/

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Free Music Friday: Vena Amoris – Lucidity

For fans of Deftones, Thrice, Hopesfall. That description on Vena Amoris’ Bandcamp page was a pretty quick hook for me. I instantly downloaded the record. The first song on the band’s new ep, Lucidity, is titled Eros, I assume it’s a shoutout to the Deftone’s album that may or may never see the light of day. Eros kicks in and sounds like it would’ve fit on any of the Deftones last couple of records. Heavy drums with a super spacey guitar and verbed out vocals. It is near perfect in it’s Deftones worship. The sound stays the same but veers from Deftones on the albums second track, Silver. Silver reminds me a ton of Magnetic North era Hopesfall (which I love!). The band never goes metal over the 4 songs but clearly operates in the realm of atmospheric hard rock.

You can name your own price for Lucidity at https://venaamorisuk.bandcamp.com/releases

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