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Dustin Kensrue – Carry The Fire

I’ve been trying for a couple weeks to put my thoughts on Carry The Fire into a review. And I just haven’t found the right words. And I can’t. So I’ll just keep it simple.

Carry the Fire is great! An enjoyable and perfect listen. The gritty, bluesy rock and roll of Carry the Fire is the record I’ve been waiting for Kensrue to release “post-Thrice.” Songs like Back To Back and Gallows are hard hitting songs with lots of intensity. The 80’s inspired jams of In The Darkness and Juggernaut showcase Kensrue’s versatility. Ruby and Death or Glory are just really good rock and roll songs! The ballads (There’s Something Dark, Of Crows and Crowns, What Beautiful Things, Carry the Fire) are interspersed and keep the record moving at a married piece. Each song touching and beautiful.

There are love songs and songs with spiritual undertones. It feels more like a Thrice record then one of Kensrue’s worship projects.

I liked Dustin’s worship records, but it’s good to hear him making “real” music again. 5 out of 5 Stars!

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