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Listen To The New Single From Chevelle

Chevelle’s new album, The North Corridor will hit stores on July 8th via Epic Records. You can stream the record’s first single, Joyride (Omen) below as well as see the track listing.

01 – “Door To Door Cannibals”
02 – “Enemies”
03 – “Joyride (Omen)”
04 – “Rivers”
05 – “Last Days”
06 – “Young Wicked”
07 – “Warhol’s Showbiz”
08 – “Punchline”
09 – “Got Burned”
10 – “Shot From A Cannon”

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Get a Taste of The New Chevelle Record

Over the weekend Chevelle dropped a video of frontman Pete Loeffler recording a guitar solo for one of the new tracks on their upcoming album. You can watch the video below. In the comments of the video the band said the record would be out before June. So look for more info coming soon!

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Chevelle – La Gargola

If you wanted a model for consistency, Chevelle is it. The band continues to put out music that’s 100% them and 100% good. All the time. Each album has fresh and new elements without losing what makes Chevelle Chevelle. And each record is every bit as good as the one before it.

La Gargola has Chevelle’s finger prints all over it. But there’s a musical growth and development that I’ve never heard from the band previously.

La Gargola features Pete Loeffler best and most interesting guitar work. The riffs are vicious and interesting, and when he does solo, they’re nice and tasty. Jawbreaker has a couple of really interesting riffs and solos on the chorus and bridge. One Ocean (the albums “ballad”) has one of the best riffs from Chevelle ever. The delay on the the clean guitar creates a haunting effect on a simple riff that carries the open of the song. Theere’s a pain in Pete’s voice that you can feel as the listener. It’s the best ballad Chevelle has ever written. It’s one of the best moments on La Gargola. Choking Game hits with great intensity and the riffs are higher register, driving riffs, instead go the chugging heavy riffs that the band does so well. The solo is the best I’ve heard from Chevelle since Point Number 1. The Damned has a beautiful walking bass line, while the guitar hits like accent points. 

Of course what fans have come to know and love also dots La Gargola. After an odd percussion intro, Ouija Board hits like a kick in the face. An Island also plays with unique effects on the opening riff before kick into the driving groove. Take Out The Gunman was a great choice for the album’s first single. A little bouncy, without losing it’s heaviness. The hook is catchy and it’s pure Chevelle. 

You can hear a Deftones influence on the album’s closer, Twinge. A beautifully simple song, full of great ambient undertones. It’s simple, but it’s a great closing track!

Chevelle does what Chevelle does, and they do it well. There’s new flair and some killer riffs on La Gargola, but Chevelle fans shouldn’t freak out. The band’s signature sound is loud and clear. Chevelle has always been consistent, and consistently good. Another great record!

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