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Free Music Friday: Birds & Twigs – Domestica

There’s not a lot of information surrounding Birds & Twigs, the music endeavor from photographer Alex Bober. A Facebook pgae that just links to the album. Two tweets, one that reads the album is on Bandcamp and coming to streaming services. The other that states it won’t and that project is going a different direction. A project of mystery.

Domestica reminds of Sigur Ros and Jonsi’s solo projects. The album’s open, Ornithology, a title that makes sense when you check out Alex’s photography, is the most singer/songwriter track of the ep. But the ambient tones of the record give way to a clear Sigur Ros influence. The two other tracks really drive home the ambient, Sigur Ros influence. In a lot of ways they remind me of “Over the Pond” from The Album Leaf’s In A Safe Place.

You can name your own price for Domestica at https://birdsandtwigs.bandcamp.com/album/domestica

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The Meltdown 3.88

The Meltdown – The Meltdown 3.88

This week I’m highlighting Topshelf Records discography.

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