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Free Music Friday: Either/Or – Categories of Colour

Happy New year! Free music Friday has returned! I miss spending hours going through Bandcamp and discovering new music. So we’re going to bring back free music Friday in 2019. I spewnt about a half an hour on Bandcamp the other day and downloaded a few dozen records!

To kick us off in 2019 I have Vancouver based Either/Or. Either/Or’s “Categories of Colour was released on December 21st. The thing I like about Either/Or is how they are at the same time super chill and very mathy. It’s an oxymoron, I know. But the fact of the matter is Either/Or strikes a perfect balance. THe guitar works keeps the songs interesting, while the drums provide a solid base.

Categories of Colour is available on Either/Or’s Bandcamp page and you can name your own price! Go give it a spin!


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