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The Meltdown 3.125

This week I have music from American Football, Karate, Rival Schools, Frodus, and Luxury.

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Free Music Friday: Frodus – Conglomerate International

If you visit this site with any frequency, you probably have at least some knowledge of Frodus. If you don’t, all I’ll say is the DC post-hardcore act, while not getting the accolades or praise as their peers in Fugazi, Frodus is every bit as good and important as any DC band you could think of. In the late 90’s the band found themselves on Tooth and Nail Records and released a record way ahead of it’s time and more relevant now than it was back then called Conglomerate International. While the band’s posthumous record And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea is viewed as the band’s masterpiece, I have great affection and love for Conglomerate International. The band has posted Conglomerate International (as well as their entire discography) on Bandcamp and you can name your own price for the record. If you haven’t checked this record our yet, you should! https://frodus.bandcamp.com/album/conglomerate-international

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