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Favorite EP’s/Singles of 2020

It’s my favorite time of year when I get go back through all the records released in 2020 that I listened to and put together a list of my favorites to share. This year I had so many albums to share that I had to create two lists. One for EP’s and singles and one for full-length releases. I’ve included Bandcamp links where they were available. I think each of these releases is worth a listen. Go check out some new tunes! Enjoy. 

Honorable Mentions
Coma City – When All Else Fails
Arkhtinn – Astrophobia
Refused – The Malignant Fire

40. Purplish – Into The Future

Shoegaze – https://purplish.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-future

39. Goddamnit/Traverse – Split

Punk – https://goddamnit.bandcamp.com/album/goddamnit-traverse-split

38. Liberandos – Cool Your Jets

Indie/Punk – https://liberandos.bandcamp.com/album/cool-your-jets

37. Virginity – Death At The Party

Emo/Punk – https://virginityisrad.bandcamp.com/album/death-to-the-party

36. Relegation – Thousand Dead Trees

Hardcore – https://relegationaltf.bandcamp.com/album/thousand-dead-trees


35. Overgrow – Hear Your Voice Again


Emo/Indie Pop – https://commongroundcollective.bandcamp.com/album/hear-your-voice-again


34. Phavors – Petals

Dream Pop – https://phavors.bandcamp.com/album/petals-ep

33. Death At Intervals – We’re Inside The Foxglove

Post Hardcore/Emo – https://deathatintervals.bandcamp.com/album/were-inside-the-foxglove

32. Fang Fang – Fang Shui

Rock – https://fangfang.bandcamp.com/album/fang-shui

31. Corduroy Moon – Gone For the Weekend

Indie Pop – https://corduroymoon.bandcamp.com/album/gone-for-the-weekend

30. Scale and Feather – Chasms

Post Rock/Post Metal – https://scaleandfeather.bandcamp.com/album/chasms

29. KYOTY – Eliora bat Avraham v’ Sarah

Post Metal – https://kyoty.bandcamp.com/album/eliora-bat-avraham-v-sarah

28. Ghosting – Mini EP

Emo – https://ghostingmusic.bandcamp.com/album/mini-ep

27. Rain of Salvation – In Times of Desperation

Hardcore – https://rainofsalvation.bandcamp.com/

26. Slow Disco – Super Slow Disco

Emo – https://slowdiscopdx.bandcamp.com/album/super-slow-disco

25. Puzzle – Nothing But Rain

Post Rock – https://voiceoftheunheard.bandcamp.com/album/votu050-nothing-but-the-rain

24. Black Rat – New Start

Punk – https://black-rat.bandcamp.com/album/new-start

23. – Catbite/Omnigone – Split

Ska/Punk – https://badtimerecords.bandcamp.com/album/catbite-x-omnigone

22. Vekora – EP2

Alternative/Indie Rock – https://vekora.bandcamp.com/

21. To Be Gentle/sowithout – septemberthirteenthtwentytwenty

Screamo – https://sowithout.bandcamp.com/album/septemberthirteenthtwentytwenty

20. A Place In Prague – Contact High

Emo – https://aplaceinprague.bandcamp.com/album/contact-high-ep

19. The Third Project – Tractopelle

Post Hardcore/Post Metal – https://thethirdproject.bandcamp.com/album/tractopelle

18. Overo/Asthenia – Split

Screamo/Emo – https://overo.bandcamp.com/album/overo-asthenia-split

17. Naru – The Falling Moon

Indie/Dream Pop/Emo – https://naru09.bandcamp.com/album/–2

16. Mornifle – Mornifle

Post Metal/Post Rock – https://mornifle.bandcamp.com/releases

15. Venezia Rojo Shocking – Playful

Indie Rock – https://veneziarojoshocking.bandcamp.com/

14. Left Neglect – Children

Alternative/Indie Rock – https://leftneglect.bandcamp.com/album/children

13. Ammonia Wash – Erasure Poems

Shoegaze/Emo – https://ammoniawash.bandcamp.com/album/erasure-poems

12. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh – Operation Take Over

Nu Metal 

11.Hammock – Into the Blank / Madi

Ambient – https://shop.hammockmusic.com/album/into-the-blank-madi

10. Every Light Goes Out – Every Light Goes Out

Post Rock – https://everylightgoesout.bandcamp.com/

9. Aches – Dead Youth

Post Hardcore – https://acheshc.bandcamp.com/album/dead-youth

8. Spotlights – We Are All Atomic

Post Metal – https://spotlights.bandcamp.com/album/we-are-all-atomic

7. Starflyer 59 – Miami

Indie Rock – https://starflyer59.bandcamp.com/album/miami

6. Glimmers – Cluttered Heart

Emo/Indie Pop – https://commongroundcollective.bandcamp.com/album/cluttered-heart

5. Maggie Gently – Good Cry

Indie/Singer Songwriter – https://maggiegently.bandcamp.com/album/good-cry

4. The Beautiful Mistake – You Are Not Broken. I Am

Post Hardcore/Emo – https://wiretaprecords.bandcamp.com/album/youre-not-broken-i-am

3. Fake Eyes – A Drip Is All We Know

Post Hardcore/Space Rock – https://newmoralityzine.bandcamp.com/album/a-drip-is-all-we-know

2. – Death Tapes – Preface

Screamo – https://deathtapes.bandcamp.com/album/preface-2

1. Hopesfall – Hall Of The Sky

Post Hardcore/Space Rock

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