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xDefiantx Releases “Out of Line” Video

Los Angeles straight-edge hardcore band xDefiantx has released their new video for “Out Of Line” from their album Fourth Plague.


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xDEFIANTx joins OnTheAttack Records

OnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce the upcoming release of “Fourth Plague”, the debut of Los Angeles based hardcore band xDEFIANTx, on July 28, 2015. Heavy, pure, straight edge hardcore with elements of beatdown and groove. xDEFIANTx features Tim Gomez (Vocals), Jojo Rodriguez (Guitar), Ric Arguera (Guitar), Randy Rios (Bass), and Nick Moreno (Drums). Check out xDEFIANTx on “The Surge Tour” this July with Raw Dog and Impale Thy Neighbor.

HM Magazine is hosting a FREE download of the song Letting Go http://hmmagazine.com/blog/hm-exclusives/hm-premiere-xdefiantx-drops-letting-go-from-debut-fourth-plague-free-download. The track listing for “Fourth Plague” includes:

1) Intro
2) My Only Regret
3) Letting Go
4) It’s Never Enough
5) I’ll Never Go Back
6) Untitled
7) Out of Line
8) Swarm

“Fourth Plague” was recorded at The Legacy Rooms, in Los Angeles, California, with mixing and mastering by Jon Lundin. CDs are available for pre-order through the OnTheAttack Records webstore http://ontheattackrecords.storenvy.com

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Judgement Day – The Altar EP

Let’s just be honest. It’s 2015. No one is really going to be breaking any new ground in the hardcore or metal genres. What’s done is done. It’s either good music, or it’s not. Judgement Day’s debut ep The Altar, is good!

In the simplest of of descriptions, The Altar is what I imagine Pantera would have sounded like if they were a brutal hardcore band. The Altar features some great guest appearances including the frontmen from Messengers, World Of Pain, and Bleeding Through. Each guest vocal adding a different depth and color to the songs that make each and every track on this all too short ep very interesting and different from each other.

Ago of Innocence’s is a blistering opener for the ep. Chad from Messenger’s vocals add a nice low guttural tone to Godfather’s almost sing-songy yell. The hook on Seek feels like a classic Seventh Star chorus. Easy to sing and a song that would make it a great crowd song live. Vision of a Sanctuary simultaneously combines one of the most brutal breakdowns you’ll ever hear with an angelic like vocal that creates a dynamic I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. Rise is a pure circle pit song. Fast, short, and to the point. Get the crowd up and moving! The title track is the most metal song on the album (which makes sense since it features Brandan from Bleeding Through).

It’s an ep that I wish was a full-legnth. Is there a better compliment than that? I just wanted more. I can’t wait for more music from Judgement Day. 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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Judgement Day Joins On The Attack Records; Releases Free EP Download

OnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce that American Straight Edge band Judgement Day from Orange County, California, has joined its family of bands. Heavy hardcore forged with brutally honest lyrics about living life with integrity.  Judgement Day unleashes a furious musical hammerstorm to wake up the listener to issues of the working class, human dignity and the plight of the oppressed.  Unafraid.  Unashamed.  Steadfast strong.  

Judgement Day features Levi-vocals, Brandon-guitar, Michael-guitar, Travis-bass, and Joe-drums.  The band will be heading to the studio in October to record its first full length album for release on OnTheAttack Records.
Judgement Day – American Straight Edge.  American Hardcore.
Download a free copy of the band’s self-titled debut EP at:  http://ontheattackrecords.bandcamp.com/album/judgement-day

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Revivalist joins On The Attack Records , Offers Free Download

OnTheAttack Records is thrilled to announce that Revivalist has joined the OTA family of bands.  With unwavering commitment and passion, Revivalist hails from Abilene, Texas, with the vision and desire to see revival, not only in the hardcore and metal scenes, but in the heart of a generation that the world has turned its back on.  Revivalist’s live show is unmatched in terms of energy, intensity and passion, and that hardcore spirit translated into the studio for their debut single “Weary” (available for free download at http://revivalist.bandcamp.com/track/weary).

Revivalist features Broc Baird (vocals), Dylan Hayward (guitar), Cansas Estep (bass), and Tanner Coker (drums).  The focus and drive of Revivalist is displayed through their hardworking ideals and DIY methods to share the transparency of their testimonies and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone with whom they come into contact.

The band is set to release their debut EP “brother.” on OnTheAttack Records Fall 2014.  That EP will be available as a free download exclusively through HM Magazine, and a limited number of CDs will be pressed for the band’s ardent supporters.

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Rhema Joins On The Attack Records

OnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce that Rochester, New York, based Rhema is the latest to join the OTA family of bands.  Stylistically, Rhema is a hybrid of sorts, layering elements of often dark, emotional hardcore over early metallic hardcore.  At times fast… at times emotive and angst- ridden.  Always powerful.  Lyrically, Rhema deals with difficult issues and raw personal struggles of band members with an unfiltered and sometimes painful honesty.

Formed in August 2013, Rhema features Jonathan Barefoot (guitars), David McPherson (vocals), Caleb Barefoot (drums) and Adam Kramer (bass).  Rhema has plans to enter the studio in the coming months for a full scale release later this year.


Download a free copy of the band’s debut 5 song demo EP at:

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“Chainsaw The Musical” Joins OnTheAttack Records

OnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce that Missouri-based hard music band Chainsaw The Musical has joined its roster.  Defying conventional description, Chainsaw The Musical stands on the musical shoulders of metalcore delivering creative yet filthy guitar hooks, passionate vocal passages, and thunderous precision and pace from bass and drums.  

“We felt that Chainsaw The Musical was the perfect addition to our growing roster,” said OnTheAttack Records.  “Passionate.  Purpose-filled, heavy hardcore. Much like what you’d expect if your favorite heavy math-rock band also had a sense of poetic whimsy.  We’re looking forward to supporting the band as they prepare for their full length debut album later this year.”  Chainsaw The Musical features Steven Hackworth (vocals), Austin Williams (guitar), James Davis (bass), and Jon Waggoner (drums).

Download a free copy of the band’s debut demo EP “The Beauty of Absolution Above All Things Is Bittersweet” at (http://chainsawthemusical.bandcamp.com/album/the-beauty-of-absolution-above-all-things-is-bittersweet).

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