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Face to Face – Protection

I knew I was going to like Protection. I mean, it’s Face to Face. I’m not sure how much the band would have to change their sound for me to be uninterested or disappointed. Thankfully, they delivered a killer record! I’d say Protection is the band’s best record in years.

Protection sounds like Face to Face. But Protection also feels like the poppiest and catchiest Face to Face record in a while, maybe ever. It wouldn’t be unfair to dub it “pop” punk.And that’s starts from the moment you hit play. Bent But Not Broken is a fantastic track to kick off the record. The riff on the bass is excellent and the hook is perfect. It’s everything you (I) have come to love about Face to Face. It’s a track that makes you want to keep listening. I Won’t Say I’m Sorry is a super fun, fast paced punk track. The breakdown of halftime tom hits on the first part of the pre-chorus gives the song a hint of pissed off punk rock. Double Crossed is an anthemic pop punk single! Great hook that’s catchy and easy to attach yourself to.

Face to Face balances really fast, intense punk tracks with fun pop punk tunes. But it’s all fun. Face to Face sounds like they’re having a lot of fun on Protection. Songs like See If I Care, Protection, Fourteen Fity-Nine, Middling Around, and And So It Goes, all have that “classic” Face to Face sound but it just sounds lighter. I don’t want to say it’s less serious, but you get the idea. Songs like Say What You Want, It Almost Went Wrong, and Keep Your Chin Up are pure pop punk songs.

There’s nothing I don’t like about Protection. It’s fun, good, punk rock. It might not be remarkable, but it’s enjoyable and fun. It’s the kind of record I imagine reaching for often. 5 out of 5 Stars.

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