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Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow

Daniel Weyandt from Zao said Nothing’s Tired of Tomorrow was excellent. So I had to check it out.

I wasn’t prepared for the shoegaze awesomeness that was about to explode from my turntable’s speakers as I hit play but immediately I was in love with Nothing.

When Fever Queen starts, I was blown away. It’s up there as one of the best opening tracks of all time. If we just want to talk shoegaze, It’s Slowdive’s Alison good. The pounding, building drums and verbed out guitars instantly hooked me. Comparing the track to Alison is a good place to start because listen to Fever Queen gave me the same sort of feelings that I had listening to Alison for the first time. That feeling that you’ve stumbled upon something timeless and a song/band that will be one of your favorites forever. The Dead Are Dumb continue the Slowdive vibes for me. I know, I know, no bands wants to just be compared to another band. But if you have to be compared to another record, Souvlaki is a pretty good company.

From there, Nothing breaks out into their own a little more. Vertigo Flowers has a surf rock/laid back California cool vibe. It’s still fuzzed out dream pop, but less “dreamy” if you will. ACB brings some heavy to the table. Not quite post-metal/sludge/doom metal but one of, if not the, heaviest tracks on the record. I love the opening riff. Sure, if super fuzzed out, but that’s what makes it great. Nineteen Ninety Heave brings back the super shoegaze/Slowdive feel. Which I have to say, I love!

And I get it. I keep beating this Tired of Tomorrow/Souvlaki comparison drum. But we’re talking about a genre define and generational record in Souvlaki. And Tired of Tomorrow rings just as true and genuine as Souvlaki. When I make the comparison what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t heard a shoegaze record as compelling or moving as Tired of Tomorrow since Souvlaki. It’s high praise!

And what I love even more is when the bands veers into their own thing. Curse of the Sun balances being a balls of wall radio rock track with a super melodic indie chorus. Eaten By Worms continues to showcase Nothing’s love of 90’s alternative rock.

There’s a lot of nostalgia happening when I put into words what I love about Tired of Tomorrow. But when I’m just listening to the record I get lost in how beautiful and compelling it is. Yes, I reflect on what it reminds me of, but I also recognize that Tired of Tomorrow is good enough to stand up on its own without having to reach back. I mean, the 90’s are back right? Tired of Tomorrow works on every level. 5 out of 5 Stars.

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