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Sherwood – Some Things Never Leave You

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I ignored Sherwood’s first go around. Anything that would’ve been dubbed emo in the mid-2000’s I was fighting against as not being “pure” emo. Sherwood being signed to Myspace Records just made them an easy target to not listen to. Oh to be 22/23 and think you know everything about music. Thankfully, Sherwood has resurrected and given us new music so I can right the wrong I made in my early twenties.

Some Things Never Leave You is pop perfection and here just in time for all your summer playlists. The first thing that strikes you is the cleanness Nate Henry’s vocals. It’s not gritty or edgy or “punk” but clean and that lends itself really well to the emo pop sound that Sherwood has perfected. Outside/In is the records opening track and it hooks you instantly. An upbeat little pop song and if you’re really paying attention you’ll notice Joe Greenetz with a super great drum groove on the verse. It’s those small moments of great musicianship that could very easily get lost in the easy-going nature of the record.

Closer To You, Back Home, and Together Alone all have a great throwback 80’s vibe. Little Bit Better is one of my favorite tracks on the record. It’s just easy listening. New Year’s Eve, The First, and The Unknown are all great rock ballads. Bottle It Up is a straight up rock and roll anthem. Believe has some punk elements but doesn’t abandon Sherwood’s pop sensibility. Old Ways reminds me a lot of what Death Cab for Cutie has done lately. And I love that!

If I have any complaints about Some Things Never Leave You it’s that there aren’t those hooks that reach out and grab you and get stuck in your head for hours and days after you listen to them. As poppy and fun as this record is, there are no earworms.

Which doesn’t take away from how much I love this record. It’s a near perfect emo pop/rock record with a ton of musicianship and subtle intricacies in the arrangements to make it compelling multiple listens through. I am grateful for Sherwood’s return! 4.5 out of 5 Stars,

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Sherwood Drops Video for Bottle It Up

Sherwood’s reunion album, Some Things Never Leave You, will hit shelves on June 17th via Bad Christian Music. Today we get a taste of the record with a video for the album’s first single, Bottle It Up. You can watch the video at http://sherwoodmusic.net/

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