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The Meltdown 3.94

The Meltdown – The Meltdown 3.94

This week I have new music from Long Neck, Illuminati Hotties, Jeff Rosenstock, and Runaway Brother.

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The Hotelier – Goodness

Sometimes all it takes is hearing a track that’s not even on the record to hook you. That’s what Goodness Pt 1 did for me. The promotional song that played on the trailer for Goodness was beautiful and haunting and when it had finished I hit play again and made sure I was getting a copy of Goodness.

Goodness is the best record I’ve heard in 2016 so far. The songs are catchy as hell and Christian Holden’s vocals emit passion and emotion that really makes the songs compelling. For anyone who thinks emo is still a dirty word, Goodness is the album that should shatter that stereotype. Great grooves, killer hooks, punk attitude, great lyrical imagery. Shall I go on?

Where Goodness Pt 1 was calming and moving, Goodness Pt 2 is raw and boisterous. The melody is the same for both songs, so Goodness Pt 2 instantly feels familiar, but where Holden’s vocals swooned over an acoustic guitar on Pt 1, they swell and yell over a blistering drum track for a good chunk of the song. When the song finally explodes open and we get the great guitar solo, I couldn’t help but smile. It’s a perfect rock song.

Piano Player starts as a jangly tune but slowly gives way to the effect as if we’re hearing the band playing in another room somewhere. It’s an interesting effect that allows us to hear an off-key piano riff come skipping briefly in and out over the track as if a ghost is playing in the background of this house where the band is. The effect only lasts for the first verse and we’re left with an absolutely beautiful track. It’s clear by the second track that The Hotelier isn’t interested in convention and giving listeners a simple verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge arrangement all the time. Two Deliverances seems to have a change in tone from the first two tracks on the records. It’s got a lot more attitude. It’s not mean, just has an attitude on the verse and the riff that gives that track this swagger. It’s like the spirit of Mick Jagger took over Holden for the verses.

Soft Animal is my favorite track on the record. It almost feels like a companion piece to Piano Player. What really gets me about this track are the vocals on the hook. The verbed out “choir” vocals that sing “Fawn doe, light snow” serve as a beautiful instrument that enhances Holden belting out the other chorus lines (which change with each pass of the chorus). I originally thought that vocal line was just a group singing O’s until I looked up the lyrics. The melody on the song is beautiful and the first time I heard the song I knew The Hotelier was going to be my new favorite band.

Goodness is a record with the potential to define the “emo revival” and be a generational album that people will reflect on for years to come. Yes, it’s that good! Like I said, Goodness is my favorite record of the year so far. 5 out of 5 Stars!

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Tiny Engines Add Adult Mom, Debut Available For Pre-order

Tiny Engines recently welcomed Purchase, NY’s Adult Mom to the TE family. The label will release Adult Mom’s debut LP, Momentary Lapse of Happily, in the Summer of 2015. The LP/CD is now available for Pre-Order. Digital pre-order on iTunes or Bandcamp. You can now hear the second single from Momentary Lapse of Happily. “Told Ya So” is premiering exclusively on NPR. Adult Mom was also featured as a Band To Watch on Stereogum with the debut single, “Survival,” streaming along with an interview with songwriter, Steph Knipe. View upcoming Adult Mom full band and solo tour dates here.

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See Through Dresses Joins Tiny Engines

Tiny Engines is excited to welcome Omaha, NE’s See Through Dresses to the label roster. Fresh off recent tour dates with Cursive and Beach Slang the band recorded six new songs that will make up their Tiny Engines debut. The EP will be released in the Fall of 2015. The band leaves next week for a month long European tour and have one local show with Matt Pond PA beforehand. Full dates listed below.

The band’s 2013 Self-Titled LP is available for streaming/download on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.

Principal songwriters Mathew Carroll and Sara Bertuldo, along with drummer Nate Van Fleet and bassist Alex Kirts, have crafted a catalogue of songs indebted to classic post-punk and new wave artists of the 80’s, but their sonic footprint more closely resembles the textural treatments of 90’s dream-pop and shoegaze. The arrangements often build as though to erupt, only to implode. There are moments when Bertuldo and Carroll sound noxious and distant, their voices doused in reverb, their guitars droning and pulsing. When the clouds look dark, See Through Dresses offer flashes of pure pop sunshine to punctuate those moments of isolation and distance.

Upcoming Shows

MAY 07 – Omaha, NE @ Reverb Lounge w/ Matt Pond PA & Young Buffalo

MAY 11 – Berlin, Germany @ Schokoladen
MAY 12 – Leipzig, Germany @ Black Hammer
MAY 13 – Chemnitz, Germany @ AC17
MAY 14 – Plzen, Czech Republic @ Papírna
MAY 15 – Prague, Czech Republic @ Café Potrva
MAY 16 – Innsbruck, Austria @ PMK
MAY 17 – Vienna, Austria @ Rhiz
MAY 18 – Graz, Austria @ Sub
MAY 19 – München, Germany @ Glockenbachwerkstatt
MAY 20 – Nürnberg, Germany @ K4
MAY 21 – Darmstadt, Germany @ Oetinger Villa
MAY 22 – Mannheim, Germany @ Maifeld Derby
MAY 23 – Stuttgart, Germany @ Nordbahnhof
MAY 24 – Freiburg, Germany @ Slow Club
MAY 25 – Basel, Switzerland @ Archiv
MAY 26 – Giessen, Germany @ Alte Kupferschmiede
MAY 27 – Würzburg, Germany @ Cairo
MAY 28 – Trier, Germany @ Exhaust
MAY 29 – Köln, Germany @ Privat
MAY 30 – Münster, Germany @ Baracke
MAY 31 – Enschede, Netherlands @ The Loch
JUN 01 – Marburg, Germany @ Trauma
JUN 02 – Jena, Germany @ Café Wagner
JUN 03 – Kassel, Germany @ Nordstadt
JUN 04 – Hamburg, Germany @ Molotov
JUN 05 – Aalborg, Denmark @ 1000fyrd
JUN 06 – Hannover, Germany, UJZ Korn
JUN 07 – Berlin, Germany @ Monarch

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